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About Us

Kettlebell Seminars UK has been set up by two of the Countries leading Kettle bell instructors, Guy Noble and Adrian Burton. Together, they have years of experience in training clients and teaching personal trainers and coaches as KB instructors on their Register of Kettlebell Professionals instructors courses.

Kettlebell Workout and Fitness ProfessionalInstructor : Guy Noble Dip P.T.

Guy’s venture into the fitness industry came after winning gold medal at the National Karate Championships in 2001 with the well respected Leeds karate Academy. Having trained and competed for over 20 years and obtained 3rd Dan level in Shotokan karate, delved into kickboxing and boxing and weight training, he was ready to pursue his passion for health and fitness in a professional capacity.

Guy started his own business in 2001 after passing the coveted Premier Diploma course with flying colours. Further qualifications included karate instructor, senior instructor and founder member with the Register of Kettlebell Professionals, metabolic typing advisor, boxercise instructor and corrective exercise specialist using the CHEK institute rehabilitation program.

Over the course of his professional career Guy developed the Total Training and Nutrition System, a 5 week holistic program designed to maximise fitness, strength, fat loss and well being. The system has featured in local lifestyle magazines generating great interest and Guy’s reputation as an outstanding instructor with a wealth of knowledge has made him one of the most sought after trainers in the area.

Guy runs his personal training business from Bodyworks Fitness Centre in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and has clients that range from people who want to lose weight and feel great to professional athletes and national level teams.

For your kettle bell training and enquiries in the Yorkshire area:


Instructor : Adrian Burton

Corrective High Performance Exercise Specialist

Diploma Sports Therapy
R.E.P.S. Level III
Register of Kettlebell Professionals Instructor
C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level II
Nutritional Lifestyle Coach Level II
Metabolic Typing Advisor
Diploma Personal Training
Charles Poliquin Performance Centre USA

Suite 1, Kenyon Business Centre, Kenyon Road, Nelson, Lancashire, BB9 5SP
Tel: 01282 698698 

Adrian BurtonAbout Adrian:
Adrian has a phenomenal portfolio having appeared on ITV in his own TV series ‘Fat Families’ in which he successfully led his TV family to a lifestyle transformation and total weight loss of over 140 LB’s in less than six months!!!! 

He has successfully worked for the Daily Mail, and has appeared regularly in national newspapers and magazines that include The Sunday Times, Heat and Closer as well as making several guest appearances on BBC Radio to actively promote health and wellness.

In 2000, Adrian established Body Wars – the North West’s only specialist weight loss and sports conditioning centre.  Its purpose designed 1:1 Fitness Training Centre has built a phenomenal reputation for providing its clients with a highly professional results oriented service.   Adrian has been at the forefront of the UK’s health and fitness industry for over 8 years and is recognized as one of the countries leading health and fitness consultants. He is an experienced trainer and nutritional expert and has spent years learning from the best people in the industry – the CHEK Institute and Charles Palanquin to name but a few.

Body Wars belief system is in treating the ‘whole’ person – a complete holistic approach to permanent and sustainable weight loss, exercise and nutrition.  Our health and fitness programs also address the behavioral patterns that must change in order for you to achieve your own personal goals - whether it to be a change in body shape, or to simply enhance existing performance.

Adrian is so successful in what he does because he did spend years fighting his own personal body issues, successfully losing over 4 stone in weight which he actively maintains today. His belief in his Body Wars system is passed directly on to you the client as he is the only professional in his field to offer a full money back guarantee reinforcing his passion for his complete system and you’re RESULTS!!

Adrian uses a multi disciplinary approach in collaboration with surgeons and GP's, physiotherapists, sports coaches and other related practitioners be it medical or holistic, to improve sports performance or rehabilitation through functional training.  Our health and fitness programs are tailored to suit individual client needs ranging from weight management to sports specific, his expertise in Nutrition and in Strength and Conditioning Programmes enable him to coach and motivate professional athletes and clients from all walks of life and sports specific fields  They include:

  • professional footballers
  • TV Producers
  • competitive sports people
  • business owners
  • senior executives
  • doctors
  • housewives

and many people just like you.

Committed to on-going personal education and development to ensure the Body Wars centre continually strives to provide the client with a service that's second to none. Adrian is one of only a handful of Corrective Exercise and High Performance Specialists in the UK and Body Wars delivers a standard of care built on the clinical experience developed through the C.H.E.K. Institute and the Charles Poliqiun Performance Centre.  Through its philosophies Body Wars delivers some of the most comprehensive, complete health, wellness and nutritional systems available today.

His ‘1% Of Your Day’ fitness programs have been well received with extraordinary results.   Adrian believes that we are continually bombarded with complex and often sharply differing information about diet, nutritional advice and product information to what constitutes a healthy diet. Over the years nutritional science has been based on the mass market approach and the fact that the same diet would suit everybody, not taking into account our generic and metabolic differences. The same nutritional plan doesn’t suit every individual.

For your kettle bell training and enquiries in the Lancashire area:



Success Story"I started training with KettleBell Seminars UK after they came highly recommended. The training system that they introduced me to has been the most effective I have ever done. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve muscle tone especially around the hips and bum.”
Sheila Longworth

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