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Boxing/Kettlebells Conditioning Workout

Here’s a simple but effective Kettlebell workout that can be performed by yourself or with a partner. First and foremost spend 10 mins warming up and some dynamic stretching.

Circuit 1

3mins on punch bag performing Cubans
(stand square on to bag and with palms facing upwards alternate punches in a rhythmical fashion at low level, after 30 secs go to mid level with palms facing inwards, and after 30 secs move to high level with palms facing slightly downwards. Start at bottom and work upwards for a total of 3 mins. This should be done smoothly from one position to another at a fast pace.)

Rest 1 min

Kettlebells 2 arm swings for 1 min

Rest 1 min

Interval skipping for 3 mins
(30 secs moderate, 30 secs fast and so on for 3 mins)

Rest 1 min

Kettlebell snatches for 1 min

(30 secs right arm, 30 secs left arm)

Rest 1 min

Back to 3 mins on bag
(Any combinations)

Rest 1 min

Kettlebells Alternating Cleans

(pick up 2 Kettlebells’s and clean one, drop back down and then clean the other, building up a good rthym.)

Rest 1 min

Interval skipping for 3 mins

Rest 1 min

Kettlebells Alternating Snatches (as cleans)

Rest 1 min

Circuit 2

As circuit 1 except 2 mins on skipping and bag. Kettlebells drills the same.

Circuit 3

As circuit 1 except 1 min on skipping and bag. Again kettlebells drills the same.

Finish off with some low rep ab work, cool down and shower.


Success Story"I have trained with Kettle Bell Seminars UK system for over 2 years and although I have retired from regular competitive squash I still have the same stamina to last a game  and that’s due to the regular kettlebell training that I do.”
Martyn Gibson

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